Maytech’s Panels and Tongue & Groove Series: Expertly crafted for cleanroom environments, offering superior sealing and diverse core material options.


We are a company specializing in handmade Cleanroom panels. Our panels are made with a variety of core materials, including aluminum honeycomb, paper honeycomb, PU, PIR, EPS, rock wool, and more.

Our Cleanroom panels are crafted by highly trained artisans to ensure that each panel meets the highest standards of quality and performance. Our panels are dust-free, anti-static, anti-bacterial, and strong enough to support foot traffic.

To ensure fast and convenient installation, our panels are connected by profiled aluminum alloy, and industrial glue is manually applied between the double skin plates and core material to provide more adhesive capability than machine-made sandwich panels, extending the service life of the panels.

Our modular installation design can greatly reduce construction time. Whether you are building a new Cleanroom or upgrading an existing one, our Cleanroom panels are an excellent choice.

This type of Cleanroom panel is highly suitable for use in semiconductor manufacturing. Semiconductor manufacturing requires extremely high levels of cleanliness and environmental control to ensure product quality and consistency. Cleanroom panels provide necessary isolation and filtration to prevent external impurities and particles from entering the manufacturing process, thus ensuring the quality of the products being produced.

Our Cleanroom panels meet industry standards for semiconductor manufacturing and offer features such as dust-free, anti-static, and anti-bacterial properties. Our panels can also be customized to meet the unique application requirements of our clients.

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Maytech Heavy Duty Plenum Grid Ceiling System (MTPG Series). MTPG is a system designed for plenum covering purposes and provides loading support for secondary ceiling grid systems. The ceiling tee bottom part comes with a track, which allows for the rod drop hanging and supports the secondary ceiling grid system, such as the MTMD series or MTHD series. The system comes with walkable plenum ceiling panels.


  • Flexible, simple, and easy installation
  • Easy to relocate and reusable
  • Superior appearance
  • Cost-effective and value engineering value


  • Suitable for use in cleanrooms ranging from 1 to 100k
  • Ideal for the semiconductor, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and tissue culture lab industries.

Recommended Panel Types:

  • Honeycomb panel
  • Paper honeycomb
  • Rockwool panel
  • PUR Panel
  • PIR Panel
  • PS Panel
  • Gypsum Board.

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