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Maytech Cleanroom Manufacturing Sdn Bhd

Established in 2010 and rooted in Malaysia, our company specializes in designing and constructing architectural systems for specialized environments such as cleanrooms, cold rooms, and custom storage spaces. We provide comprehensive, compliant solutions tailored to the Semiconductor, Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, and Food & Beverage industries, among others. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our adherence to local and international standards, offering a one-stop solution encompassing engineering, supply, delivery, and installation services.


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Why choose MAYTECH

More than 20 years of experience
Decades of industry leadership providing reliable, high-quality cleanroom solutions.
Best industry experts
A team of seasoned professionals dedicated to delivering cutting-edge cleanroom technology and design.
Fast & effective solutions
Quick response times and efficient project execution to meet client needs with precision.
Flexible pricing
Flexible pricing strategies tailored to meet the specific budget and requirements of each client.
Modern approach
Utilizing the latest innovations and techniques to ensure efficient and contemporary cleanroom environments.
Great client support
Committed to excellence in customer service, offering continuous support and guidance throughout all project phases.

Meet our specialists


Maytech is a manufacturer specializing in producing cleanroom materials. Our products have passed various international certifications, including ISO9001 certification, SIRIM certification, 2-hour fire-resistant certification, BOMBA Class O certification, FM Approval certification, and CIDB certification.

ISO9001 certification is an international quality management system certification, which proves that our products and services have met international standards to meet customer requirements and expectations.

SIRIM certification is issued by the Malaysian Standards Authority, which proves that our products meet the quality standards of Malaysia.

The 2-hour fire-resistant certification proves that our products can withstand high temperatures for 2 hours in the event of a fire without being damaged.

BOMBA Class O certification is issued by the Malaysian Fire Department, which proves that our products are fire-resistant, non-flammable, and meet international fire safety standards.

FM Approval certification is issued by FM Global, which proves that our products have passed rigorous safety tests and meet FM Global standards and can be used in various important places.

CIDB certification is issued by the Malaysian Construction Industry Development Board, which proves that our company has professional technical and management capabilities and can provide customers with high-quality cleanroom materials.

Our various certifications demonstrate our professionalism and commitment to product quality and safety, allowing customers to confidently choose our products.

A word from company owner

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Alexander Swift

Mechanical Engineer / Entrepreneur / Maytech founder

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